Moms, we’ve got you covered! We offer a Prenatal & Postnatal Group Workout crafted for woman at any stage of their pregnancy (and to help you get your body back after delivery), plus a BYOBaby Group Workout that allows you to bring your little one with you! If you’re looking for more personalized instruction, we also offer Privates and Duos.

Find out more about these workouts below and get familiar with our Prenatal & Postnatal and BYOBaby Policies so you know what to expect!

Prenatal & Postnatal Group Pilates Workout

Description: Our Prenatal & Postnatal Workout is for fit moms who want a little more than a good stretch! Expect a full body workout that will get your tummy, back, arms, glutes, and pelvic floor (Kegel) muscles toned, in order to support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery, and help you get your figure back after the your little one arrives!

Why You’ll Love It: You'll stay fit throughout your pregnancy in a safe yet effective way that allows you to be happier, healthier, and better prepared for delivery! You'll meet other moms who you can share with & learn from!

BYOBaby Group Pilates Workout

Description: The Bring Your Own Baby (BYOBaby) Workout is designed for moms and dads who want to continue their workout routine, but need a solution that allows them to be with their baby! This workout focuses on rebuilding your strength, stamina, and muscular endurance while your little one is right beside you in a car seat or on a mat. Modifications are given for those who are ready to level up!

Why You'll Love It: You don’t have to decide between childcare and taking time for yourself! Working out is a great way to relieve stress and will actually give you more energy. You'll also be surrounded by other moms and dads who want to stay fit and will understand if your baby is feeling a little fussy. Did you know that squats with your baby are a great way to calm them down? ;)


  1. Buy for your $15 Group Workout, $50 Private, or $60 Duo* below

  2. Schedule your Group Workout or Request your Private or Duo Workout

  3. Read our Studio Policies & FAQ

  4. Pack your grip socks (you can buy them online or at the studio)

  5. Look up where we are & understand the parking options so you know right where to go

We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you to the Smith Community!


*For Duos, you provide your workout partner!


Prenatal/Postnatal Policy. If you are expecting or just expanded your family, congratulations! We see women at every stage of pregnancy in our Prenatal & Postnatal Group Workouts or in a Private or Duo setting. Please Contact Us so we can discuss the best approach for you. You and your baby's safety is our top priority!

  • Once you are 12 or more weeks pregnant, you will need a doctor’s note that clears you for “Group/Private Reformer Pilates

  • If you’re interested in a Group Workout, we ask that you book into the Prenatal & Postnatal Workout so that you are your baby stay safe

  • If you’ve just given birth, we look forward to seeing you once you are at least 6 weeks postpartum; you will need a doctor’s that clears you for “Group/Private Reformer Pilates”

As soon as you know that you are pregnant, please let us know so we can keep you and your baby safe during workouts. Rest assured that your news will be kept 100% confidential and your Trainer will offer you modifications without being obvious; we want you to be able to make your exciting announcement on your own terms!

BYOBaby Workout Policy. This workout is appropriate for babies who are not yet crawling; Once your baby becomes mobile it can be a little less enjoyable for you and others, so we’ll ask that you switch to our regular workouts

  • Please come with a car seat or blanket and anything your baby may need - please don't bring toys that make sound

  • No strollers are allowed in the studio

  • Note that this workout is only 45 minutes long to allow a little extra time to set up and pack up

  • Note that there will be music played from the speakers during the workout

  • Note that while your baby is welcome, the studio is not equipped with baby supplies or a changing table

This studio is so beautiful! There is a private room upstairs and group class room downstairs. I love it that this studio has reformers, chairs and TRX for each person so there are so many variations of exercises you can do in one class! I took my first class there and I loved it! I never get to use the chair in classes that I take so it was a nice addition! I haven’t used TRX yet, so looking forward to taking more classes there and explore more workouts!”
— Agie
This is the best Pilates studio on the westside. Hands down. Challenging workouts, great service, a beautiful studio with a great vibe.”
— Shamus
I love Pilatesmith — The studio is gorgeous, the workouts are dynamic, and the faces friendly... What’s not to enjoy?! For only a few weeks, my husband and I have been taking duo classes (I’m easing back into Pilates and he’s a first-timer) — I’m already feeling the benefits of the upbeat and challenging workout I get at Pilatesmith. Jessica has great energy and is super knowledgeable — she and the studio are such a wonderful addition to the community.”
— Tricia