We like having a relationship with each member in our Smith Community because it means that you have more fun - and so do we! So to help welcome you to the studio, we’re offering a FREE Private Workout to anyone who joins* this month! Private training will allow you to meet and get personal recommendations from one of our highly skilled Trainers. Pilates is a technical exercise method and small adjustments can really make a difference in your workout, so there’s a lot of value in one-on-one attention!

*Buys a recurring Group Monthly Membership or a Private/Duo Pack


Memberships are our best deal and help keep you accountable, which means you’ll reach your goals more quickly!

We make Membership easy:

  • Change your plan at anytime

  • Auto-renew on same date each month (unused workouts don’t rollover)

  • Terminate your membership before you’ve used your first batch of workouts without penalty, no questions asked

  • After the first cycle or you’ve used your first batch of workouts you can terminate at anytime for a $30 Termination Fee - just give us 30 days notice via email

  • Unlimited is truly unlimited and those on this plan can book their workouts 60-days in advance to help ensure workout availability

  • Suspend your account for up to 3 months and only get charged only $15 on your auto-pay date to keep any unused workouts and stay locked into your pricing

We believe in Membership because:

  • It allows us to offer one of the best values in the area

  • It helps encourage a routine, which means results are seen and felt more quickly

  • It allows our Trainers to get to know you, your goals, and your body so they can make your experience better

  • It helps foster the Smith Community

4/Month Membership
$120 (~$30 each)

8/Month Membership
$216 (~$27 each)

Unlimited Membership
$288 (~$24 each for 12x)


If you’re new to Pilates or are seeking a workout tailored to your body and fitness goals, Privates and Duos* are for you! Our Private & Duo Workout Packs are “Maintenance Free” meaning:

  • Workouts are good for 3 months from the date of purchase

  • Packs auto-renew after you use the last workout so you always have workouts to book when you want

  • If you didn’t want another pack, just let us know and we’ll refund it right away

4-Pack Private Workouts 
$356 (~$89 each)

8-Pack Private Workouts 
$688 (~$86 each)

4-Pack Duo Workouts 
$428 (~$107 each)

8-Pack Duo Workouts 
$832 (~$104 each)


*For Duos and Trios, you provide your workout partner!
For complete list of terms, see the “Group Workout Monthly Memberships” section on our
Terms & Conditions page.

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