First Workouts


Interested in becoming a Smith? We have great deals on first workouts! Then we’ll give you 10% off your first month or pack if your join during your first workout. After purchasing, just Book your first Group Workout or Request a Private or Duo! Workouts are good for 1 month from purchase date.

Group Workout $15*

Private Workout $50

Duo Workout $80**


*Our Group Workout schedule was designed for those more advanced in their Pilates practice. Our Group Workouts are appropriate for those at an intermediate/advanced fitness level & have experience using a reformer machine.

**For Duos, you provide your workout partner!

For complete list of terms, see the “New Smith Workouts” section on the Terms & Conditions page.

Group Workouts


Our Memberships offer the best deal on Group Workouts in our area! These auto-renew each month and keep you accountable, which means you’ll reach your goals more quickly and then stay fit! Change your plan at any time, and if you decide Membership is not for you, cancel anytime before you use your first batch of workouts without penalty.

4/Month Membership
$120 (~$30 each)

8/Month Membership
$216 (~$27 each)

Unlimited Membership
$288 (~$24 each for 12x)

*Truly Unlimited, plus book your workouts 60 days in advance with Priority Booking!

For complete list of terms, see the “Group Workout Monthly Memberships” section on our Terms & Conditions page.


While not our best deal, we get that life can be crazy and packs are the best option for some! Workouts are good for 3 months from purchase date.

Single Group Workout

Group Workout 5-Pack
$165 ($33 each)

Group Workout “Rolling” 5-Pack*
$150 ($30 each)

*Auto-renews after you use the last workout or when the pack expires, whichever comes first!

For complete list of terms, see the “Group Workout Packs” section on the Terms & Conditions page.


Private, DUO & TRIO Workout Packs

Our Private, Duo & Trio Workout Packs are “Maintenance Free” meaning they auto-renew after you use the last workout. It saves you the hassle of repurchasing and means you’ll always have workouts ready to book when you want them. If you didn’t want a new pack, just email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund it. Workouts are good for 3 months from purchase date.

Single Private Workout

4-Pack Private Workouts 
$356 (~$89 each)

8-Pack Private Workouts 
$688 (~$86 each)

Single Duo Workout

4-Pack Duo Workouts 
$428 (~$107 each)

8-Pack Duo Workouts 
$832 (~$104 each)

Single Trio Workout

4-Pack Trio Workouts

8-Pack Trio Workouts


For complete list of terms, see the “Single Workouts” or “Private/Duo/Trio Workout Packs” section on the Terms & Conditions page.


Privates: 3x/Week for 1 Month

Privates: 5x/Week for 1 Month 

Duos: 5x/Week Duo for 1 Month 

Duos: 3x/Week Duo for 1 Month


For complete list of terms, see the “Bootcamp” section on the Terms & Conditions page.

Gift Cards

Kick someone’s a*s!

There’s no better gift for a birthday, anniversary, special date, or for someone trying to slim down for a wedding! You have two purchasing options:

  1. Purchase online by clicking the button below and print out the gift card confirmation at home*

  2. Purchase at our studio and leave with a certificate, envelope, and card for a free Infrared Sauna Treatment

Not sure how much to buy? Here are some suggestions:

  • 1 Private ($50)

  • 1 Duo ($80)

  • 3 Privates ($267)

  • 3 Duos ($321)

Not sure what to purchase? Contact Us and we can help!

We also offer

  • VIP Service: Private entrance and private workout room; can accommodate one person or groups up to 5

  • Workouts for Small Groups & Events: Great idea for a bachelor/bachelorette, birthday, or work outing; can accommodate groups up to 8; workout and then grab a bite on Main Street, Abbot Kinney, or hit the beach

  • Hosting for Workshops & Events: We have 2 rooms downstairs (Foundry & Forge) and 1 room upstairs/ground floor (Atelier); studio is 2,350 sq. ft.

For availability and pricing, reach out to us at or 310-955-9910.